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Skin Cleansing Products

How to prep for your spray tan

The key to the perfect tan is prepping your skin before and after! 

Please follow the instructions below! 


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Face Scrub


A deep exfoliation the day before your spray tan ensures the removal of dead skin cells and any remaining spray tan from the previous spray. Doing this will  give you a longer lasting spray tan, and fading more evening! 

Let's talk body wash-

Please, no Dove soap!

Native, Aveeno, Dr. Bronner's, Raw Sugar, and Meyer's are great options!

Avoid these common ingredients in your soap

-Sodium Laureth Sulfate

-Mineral Oil


Zero Waste Bathroom

Shave or Wax

Shave or Wax at least 1 to 2 days prior 

No lotions or oils after your shower. This could create a barrier between the skin and the spray solution. 

Be sure to wear loose fitting clothing after your appointment 

Beauty Care

After Care

Let the spray tan develop for the recommended time. 

First shower will just be a quick rinse. No soap 

Make sure to moisturize for the longevity of your spray! 

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