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When should I get a spray tan?

We recommend getting your spray tan 2 days before an event. For example, if you are spray tanning for your wedding or event taking place on Saturday then we recommend getting your spray tan 2 days prior, on Thursday.

What do I wear ?

You can wear what makes you feel the most comfortable! You can wear as much or as little as you want, this is a personal choice. You can wear undergarments or swimsuits during your spray - the solution will not stain and will wash out in the washing machine.


After the application, all clients should wear loose clothing, black is best

How do I prep my skin ?

Please refer to our prep instruction! We have dedicated an entire page on how to achieve the best spray, that's how important it is! 

What to expect during your appointment ?

The average time to set up and spray is between 15 to 20 minutes! We will set up and give you some instructions. We will finish with drying you and complimentary powder to prevent any tacky feeling on the skin.

Will I ruin my spray tan if I sleep in it ?

No, but we do recommend getting the traditional tan If you plan to develop overnight. We suggest wearing a long sleeve top and long pants to bed, in order to avoid skin to skin contact.

What does mobile mean ?

We make it easy for you, and come straight to your doorstep! We will need a space to set up a small tent - usually master bathrooms, bedrooms or livingrooms are best! 

Will the solution get all over my house ?

Absolutely not! You will be in a tent that has three sides and floor. No overspray will be able to get out of the tent. 

Can I shave after my spray tan ?

It is best to take care of any hair removal at least a few hours before your spray tan appointment. However, If you need to shave after your spray tan please be sure to wait at least 24 hours after your tan was applied. Use a new razor and be gentle so you don't take off the tan. 

How long will my tan last ?

A huge part that will determine how long your tan will last is if you did all the prep work and after care. But typically 7-10 days is about the life of the tan with gradually fading. 

Certain climates like hot weather, soaking in hot tubs or pools will cause your spray to come off quicker.

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